by Henning Christoph


Henning Christoph: Director, Producer
Henning Christoph was born 1944 in Grimma, Germany. In 1950, the family emigrated to the United States. Christoph studied anthropology and journalism at the University of Maryland. As a student he worked as a police reporter in New York City. After higraduating from university, he returned to Germany in 1967 to study photography under Prof. Otto Steinert at the famous Folkwang art academy in Essen. Since 1969 Christoph, has been working as a freelance photojournalist. He became one of the top international photographers, and his photos were printed in Life, Time, Newsweek, New York Times, Figaro, Stern and Geo. He was the first international photographer to report on the troubles in Northern Ireland.

Henning Christoph won six WORLD PRESS PHOTO awards for his work. His work focuses on religious conflicts, cults, minorities and Africa. Over the last 40 years he has travelled to Africa more than 100 times documenting magic, healing , secret societies and voodoo in West and Central Africa. Paralell to his work as a photographer and film maker he built up the “Soul of Africa Museum” in Essen, Germany. The SOA Museum is internationally known for its’ collection of voodoo, magic and healing objects.

Irland-Irrland, Spee Verlag 1978
Der Tod in Benares, Spee Verlag 1979
Nachtasyl, Stern Buch 1981
Voodoo – Secret Power in Africa, Taschen Verlag 1995

Soul of Africa – Magical Rites and Traditions, Koeneneman Verlag 1999
Vodun, Voodoo, Vodou SPIRITS, Zweitausendeins Verlag 2012


Mami Wata – Das Geheimnis der Weissen Frau, Nightfrog 2008
Voodoo die Kraft des Heilens, Shotgun Pictures 2010
VODOU HEALER, Nightfrog 2012

Moderator for a six part series on WDR TV “Der Spuksucher”, 2012-2013